There is something about french style that say it is timeless, simple, effortless and chic. Laid back yet classic a contradiction in itself but we love it anyway. The 5 piece french  wardrobe is inspired by french style, and minimalism. 

Minimalism seem to a resounding theme of classic french style.I have always been a jeans and shirt kind of girl, which is a big reason why I am so naturally drawn to these looks.


The essentials for a french wardrobe include the basics : Jeans, ballet flats, a white shirt, a black blazer, a black bag and little or no make up.
For Parisians the style mantra is less is more.

The art of french style has minimal wardrobe requirement and it is budget friendly too. Invest in quality rather than quantity. 

From Coco channel, Jane birkin to Brigitte Bardot, these ladies have made the  most casual outfit looks timeless and effotless. 


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