11 unbreakable career rules for success

There’s lot’s of advice out there about how to achieve career success, make more money, or turn your passion into a full-time job. These are the ultimate 11 unbreakable rules you need to embrace success.

Rule #1: Life begins at the end of your comfort Zone and so does your career. 
If you are getting to comfortable then sure it time for a change, time to switch things up.
Don’t confuse feeling good vibe with feeling comfortable.If it doesn’t feel good, you probably should not go for it. 
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Rule #2:Work hard party harder.
Take breaks to clear out your mind. Working long hours, overtime with no breaks with leaves you in rut.Get outside, take a walk it will clear your mind and help you think better.
Rule #3: Earn every reward
Reward yourself for reaching goals. Set weekly or monthly goals and rewards for completing them. 
Rule #4: Evolve daily  
 Shake thing up to keep them interesting. Keep yourself motivated and inspired. 
Re-brand and reinvent yourself.
Rule #5: Write it down.
Make notes , write up , keep a journal … 
Don’t let ideas escape you and it is inspiring to journal you journey to success. 

 Rule #6: Follow you instinct 
Yes, your gut knows a little bit better than you, so trust your gut.Don’t underestimate you intuitions or dismiss them.
Rule #7: No safety net rule. Ditch the backup plan
This rule is bit hard to follow.Having no backup plan for your career is scary. But knowing that this is it, that you have to make it work, will definitely prompt you to put you 100% into the current plan. 
 Rule #8: Work for free
Choose when to work for free and know when to demand compensation. A big company should never ask you to work for free, even if your are only starting out.
Volunteer and learn something new. That is a great way to network and find opportunities.
Collaborate for free, intern part time to get to know the industry better.
Rule #9: College Degree is not everything. 
This will probable take a little bit of time to sink in after you leave college and enter the industry. I probable used about  10% of what I learnt in college while my internship. Life and industry will teach you a lot more.

Rule #10: Be a leader.
Be an inspiration to other and light up the way as you go. 
Rule #11: Success takes time. Be persuasive and consistent. 
Success does not come overnight. Have patience and zeal. Especially in creative field or freelance careers success is hard earned. 

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