How do I wear Jumpsuits ?

For the lazy girls out there the jumpsuit is go to outfit. One outfit solution to all your problems : Monday morning blues, waking up late, no planned outfit, in the fashion rut, feeling supper lazy.All you need is the jumpsuit to jump start your day and banish the problems. 

Invented by Florentine Thayat in 1919, the first jumpsuit was a considered a liberating garment during the futuristic period. Thayat used cotton fabric or African canvas to cutout the shape of the garment and added few buttons and a belt. Thus the first jumpsuit was a creative do-it- yourself project by Thayat.

Fast- forward to the twenty first century the jumpsuit gain popularity with the likes of Stella McCartney, Agyness Deyn, Katie Holmes, Rihanna and several other fashionistas sporting this trend. Jumpsuits are made of cotton, denim, lace, silk, sheer fabrics now, along with embellishment and other detailing. In 2011 Jumpsuits dominated the runway and red carpet. Renowned designers houses like Saint laurent, Alexander Wang, Paul&Joe, Diane Von Frustenberg, Marc Jacobs and several other add their own creative twist to the jumpsuit.

Every girl need to have this item in their closet. The jumpsuit is for every season and occasion. Loved by the fashionistas and the lazy gals out there including me. Styling a jumpsuit is simple and easy.Wear them solo or pair them up with simple black blazer or jacket.

The black jumpsuit is a closet essential. They are available is several patterns and cut. Monochrome, colour blocked, printed jumpsuits with cropped or flared hem and wide range of necklines. 

All you need to do it get a jumpsuit that fits you perfectly. Know  Why you need to get your clothes tailored.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Summer calls for jumpsuits and a pair of sunglasses to beat the heat in style.Planing  minimalist looks has never been easier.


They are classy and great for semi-formal looks. Add belt to accentuate your waist and plums to round up the look.

Accessories with a hat for the daytime look paired with sandal. The free flowing breezy fabric is perfect for summer and daytime activities. 

Image result for jumpsuit and blazer

They double up as pantsuits too. All you need is a blazer to get polished put-together look.


They are red-carpet approved. Planing a  party wear is not so hard anymore.

Accessories can glam up every outfit and jumpsuits are no exceptions.Perfect day to night transition outfit. Swap the accessories and get ready to party.

Day to night transition outfit has never been easier with some jumpsuit around.

The monochrome jumpsuits are the safes bet if you are not sure about this wonderful trend. Pulling off an head to toe  white look has never been easier. French style lovers this is something you can’t do without.

Minimalist fashion must-have piece suitable for almost all season. Add a trench, jacket or blazer to make it appropriate for cooler weather.


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