All you need to know about coffee.

For some of us mornings are synonymus with coffee. A strong cup of java is often an intergral part of  morning routine  that gives you the boost of precious energy to take on the world.

 It’s hard to get through a  whole day without siping our favorite coffee, but how much do you know about the coffee that you so covet ?

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#1 The effect of caffeine kicks in 15-20 minutes after you ingest coffee
The effects of caffeine can last between 8-14 hours after it hits. but keep in mind that after three hours you are at risk of the dreaded coffee crash.

#2 The effects of Coffee is stronger if you are on the pill
I can’t decide whether it is a good thing or not.The coffee will hit you harder and all the effects of coffee will be amplified including coffee crash.

#3 Not all coffees contain the same amount of caffeine
The amount of caffeine in your coffee can vary depending on the fact whether you brewed the coffee yourself , reached for instant coffee or grabbed a caramel latte from you local coffee shop. For instance Starbucks has double the amount of caffeine than a McDonald’s coffee, little surprise there. 

#4 Decaf doesn’t mean no caffeine

Decaf simple contains less caffeine than regular coffee. It is not possible to completely  remove all traces caffeine from coffee.

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#5 Coffee contains more caffeine than most energy drinks
Your  morning cup of coffee contains more caffeine that most energy drinks. Considering the effects of caffeine it is wise to keep track of your consumption.

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#6 Caffeine is pro workout
A shot of caffeine before hitting the gym may help you to achieve more from you workout.  Several studies show that  caffeine ingestion was able to increase anaerobic performance and muscle endurance, and pre-workout caffeine increased maximum muscular strength on bench press and leg press when compared to placebo . Well it’s worth giving a try if you don’t find the gym very inspiring.

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#7 Coffee has more flavors than wine ( this one was quite surprising )
With over 300 taste notes coffee tops wine which has around 250 flavours. And all this time you thought wine has more alibi.

#8  100 cups of coffee can actually kill you
This is a serious fact to consider. Giving up coffee is not easy ( for some one who have been dependent on coffee for a long time) but not impossible either. Coffee contains caffeine     (the most commonly used psycho active drug) and as with all types of drug, coffee withdrawal is very real. There are several healthy alternative to coffee that you might consider. Why you should consider switching to lemon water instead of coffee in the morning.


6 thoughts on “All you need to know about coffee.”

  1. These are interesting facts! 🙂

    I was able to withdraw from it for one month, but I felt like life’s incomplete. It’s just so hard to live without it. Coffee has been a part of my life. It’s there when no one else was.

    I’m aware of its disadvantages, though. So I guess, I just have to take it with moderation. 🙂

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    1. I too feel the same. Coffee help me get through lot of shit and was there when no one else was. Even though I tried to let go , I realy did not want to. So I take it with moderation.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Coffee works very well for me, and I would never change it for any chemical energy drinks. I’m using a special sort of coffee manufactured in Germany. I don’t use any flavors, cream or milk since I love the fantastic flavor of a real coffee. For that reason, I don’t use any coffee machines because it dilutes its taste and I can feel the pre-taste of a filter. I use only almost boiling water and filter it by pouring over. Most people who tried it told that was the best coffee they ever had. I suppose the secret is in simplicity of preparation. Great post! Coffee as a very strong natural antioxidant has also other good features along with energizing and energy boosting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for sharing your coffee habits .. I have to say I do feel envious of your special coffee. And yes I love coffee won’t give it up for any thing.


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