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All you need to know about 5 piece french wardrobe part 3

Minimalism is not the lack of something, it’s the perfect amount of something.
                                                                                                                                                       – Nicholas Burroughs

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I have written about 5 piece french wardrobe here and here. Love it or hate it the 5 piece french wardrobe is definitely a thing of beauty. 


A curated wardrobe is the modern luxury that most successful people posses. Instead of spending an insane amount of time  in the morning deciding what to wear, and loosing precious energy, they rely on their curate wardrobe. The 5 piece french wardrobe system is a great way to build a curated wardrobe that will resonate with your signature style. 

Many of us are stuck in the vicious circle of overbuying, impulse buying and finally returning a purchase. Fashion’s ever-growing ghost economy attest to the fact that impulse buying and returning purchases are on rise.While retailers urge you to buy more and fast fashion is much-loved by the new generation  the price it extract from the environment is staggering.

Minimalism is not about having less.It’s about making room for more of what matters.

I love the idea of a curated, environment-friendly wardrobe that is ethical and environmental friendly choice. Huge amount of waste is generated in production of fabric such as jeans and the production of cheap clothes often involved child labourer and under paid workers.

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Just because it is called  the French Wardrobe philosophy doesn’t necceessarily means it is about french style. It is more about how you buy clothes not what is your style preference. Well you do need things like the skirt that never goes out of style or the item  every girl needs to have in their closet.The popular philosophy is that your basic wardrobe allows you to spend more money on few special clothes. Additionally you will have more money to get your clothes tailored and achieve the perfect fit.Learn to manage and organize  your  wardrobe like a boss with the 5 piece french wardrobe method. It aims to achieve a well-balanced and functional wardrobe. A wardrobe that is not over flowing with random items that you don’t remember purchasing or wearing. Apart from that is the best way to maintain a curated wardrobe that grows by 5 piece every season.

While wearing the same outfit in a row for 2 day is frowned upon by most people it is not uncommon  to repeating outfits. Think about how much money would you like to spend on a items that you not wear more that 10 times or may be less.


Embrace the ballerina trend

The ballerina trend is back this fall. One of the most versatile and chic trend ever it is characterised by ribbons, tulle, blush tones or pastels and chic flattering cut that highlight you waist.

How to wear it
Pair it with the choker or leather studded jacket to get your signature edgy rocker chick persona. Pull on your favorite jeans or reach for the flattering pencil skirt , the ballerina trend will keep up with all your whims. 

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The ballerina trend reminds me of minimalism and french style.


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Ballerina Flats

Ballet flats would look great with the skirt that never goes out of style. Ballet flats can be paired with dress or cropped flare jeans. They are comfortable and chic, great options for girls who are not fond of high heel. Whether you are running errands or getting dressed up for a lunch date the ballet flat is a super comfortable option.

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Ballerina bun

#Beat the heat in style with these chic buns. 

#Day to night transition looks are easy with ballerina buns. Switch the accessories and get ready to party in style. 

#I have a feeling that ballerina buns will work smoothly with  Athleisure trend Get moving in style, the bun will hold your locks in place while you exercise. 

# It is a  great option for career girls. No more boring office looks. 

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Wrap tops 

I love these tops that goes with almost anything and everything. They are super flattering and accentuates your waist. The wrap tops are worth investing whether you are confused Twenty something or successful career girl

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Tutu Skirts 

The tutu skirts are perfect for romantic dates and night out.They are so pretty when paired with  crop top. Balance the bulk of the skirt with a form-fitting top that highlights your waist. They are quite flattering as midi length skirts.


How do I wear Jumpsuits ?

For the lazy girls out there the jumpsuit is go to outfit. One outfit solution to all your problems : Monday morning blues, waking up late, no planned outfit, in the fashion rut, feeling supper lazy.All you need is the jumpsuit to jump start your day and banish the problems. 

Invented by Florentine Thayat in 1919, the first jumpsuit was a considered a liberating garment during the futuristic period. Thayat used cotton fabric or African canvas to cutout the shape of the garment and added few buttons and a belt. Thus the first jumpsuit was a creative do-it- yourself project by Thayat.

Fast- forward to the twenty first century the jumpsuit gain popularity with the likes of Stella McCartney, Agyness Deyn, Katie Holmes, Rihanna and several other fashionistas sporting this trend. Jumpsuits are made of cotton, denim, lace, silk, sheer fabrics now, along with embellishment and other detailing. In 2011 Jumpsuits dominated the runway and red carpet. Renowned designers houses like Saint laurent, Alexander Wang, Paul&Joe, Diane Von Frustenberg, Marc Jacobs and several other add their own creative twist to the jumpsuit.

Every girl need to have this item in their closet. The jumpsuit is for every season and occasion. Loved by the fashionistas and the lazy gals out there including me. Styling a jumpsuit is simple and easy.Wear them solo or pair them up with simple black blazer or jacket.

The black jumpsuit is a closet essential. They are available is several patterns and cut. Monochrome, colour blocked, printed jumpsuits with cropped or flared hem and wide range of necklines. 

All you need to do it get a jumpsuit that fits you perfectly. Know  Why you need to get your clothes tailored.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Summer calls for jumpsuits and a pair of sunglasses to beat the heat in style.Planing  minimalist looks has never been easier.


They are classy and great for semi-formal looks. Add belt to accentuate your waist and plums to round up the look.

Accessories with a hat for the daytime look paired with sandal. The free flowing breezy fabric is perfect for summer and daytime activities. 

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They double up as pantsuits too. All you need is a blazer to get polished put-together look.


They are red-carpet approved. Planing a  party wear is not so hard anymore.

Accessories can glam up every outfit and jumpsuits are no exceptions.Perfect day to night transition outfit. Swap the accessories and get ready to party.

Day to night transition outfit has never been easier with some jumpsuit around.

The monochrome jumpsuits are the safes bet if you are not sure about this wonderful trend. Pulling off an head to toe  white look has never been easier. French style lovers this is something you can’t do without.

Minimalist fashion must-have piece suitable for almost all season. Add a trench, jacket or blazer to make it appropriate for cooler weather.


Why you need to get your clothes tailored

As a fashion student, I have a little more insight in the production of clothes.Tailored clothes fit much better than ready to wear clothes as rule of thumb. Let us discus the pros of getting your clothes tailored. 

#Tailored clothes are timeless and classic. They bring out the best in you accentuating  your asset.They make the best impression be it interview or social gathering. Through out the ages seamstress have been working behind the scenes, creating masterpieces.    


#Power dressing. Nothing beats a tailored suit. 

#Perfect fit. Mass produced clothes are made in standardized sizes that might not fit you properly. This is because our bodies are different and a shirt that might fit you shoulders may be too wide around the waist.On the other hand standardize sizes might fit you perfectly as it does for few people. They can straight way order clothes online and wear them the next day. While most of us had to tailor almost each garment or else compromise with the fit. 


#Girlboss need to have their clothes tailored. They need to make a lasting impression, and inspire the mass. 

#Comfort. Get comfortable in you own clothes that fits you like a dream. Banish extra fabric in unusual places, and highlight you best asset. 

#Your tailor is your personal designer, who makes one of a kind garment that makes its way into you wardrobe.

#Unique piece. Aren’t you tiered of seeing the exact similar piece from Zara or H&M that everyone seem to own. A tailored garment can be simple, but have knock off detailing that is not found on ready – to – wear garments.


#Get creative. Get involved in the process of tailoring . Help the designer to create a piece you will love. Fabrics, lining, colors, details … 

#Signature Style. It is easy to put you signature on a tailored piece than a regular ready-to wear garment. I seem to fall in love with a piece and stick to it for a really long time. I have shirt which are 5 years old and need to be trashed because I have worn them out.  I love shirt and the only way to get them right is to get them tailored.

#The cost factor. It might be expensive to get your clothes tailored but it is a worthy investment. Skilled seamstress will charge for their expertise but you will get a timeless and unique piece. My 5 piece french wardrobe can definitely afford tailored pieces. 


Black is forever

My love for the color black is unsurpassed by any other colour. It is my go to colour. When in doubt go Black. Back to Black .People around me are forever asking me to wear other colors , anything other than black.

The importance of the colour black when it comes to fashion and my wardrobe is immense. 


You can’t go wrong with The Little Black Dress has been a wardrobe staple and rightfully so. They are versatile and flattering on almost everyone. Easy to accessories with statement neck pieces and colorful scarves.The uniform project involved wearing a LBD for 365 day consecutively but creatively while not repeating the same outfit. Black is one of the best colour for the monochrome look followed closely by white and blue.

Black and white  is another classic combination that is always trendy. The combination to these two neutral colour is striking and suitable for every occasion starting from formal to casual.  


Apart from that black looks good with a wide range of colors . From pastels to fluorescent and several bright tones can be easily balanced with the colour black. Needless to say   pencil skirt, blazer, jeans, shirt, t-shirt, tank and a pair of semi-formal pants all in the colour black is my wardrobe staple. 

Well , when it comes to accessories the belt, the bag and the shoe, black defiantly dominates the field. All these are must for formal wardrobe.


Leather jackets and blazers looks sharp and classy all the time and more so in the colour black. Edgy looks are best when done in black so does studs and chains. 

Black colour gives the best slimming effect too. 

For some people black is boring but for me black brings out the best in every colour and outfit. What is your go to colour?


The off shoulder trend you need to know about


Bardot Tops

The top takes its names from the French Style icon Brigitte Bardot. Off – shoulder tops or Bardot tops are extremely flattering on most women. This easy breezy summer trend is raging this season and seem to a favorite of the bloggers and models.Baring you shoulders requires confidence and this particular trend is bound to grab attention.

They have been around since the classic times, endorsed by Brigitte Bardot and hence the name Bardot tops. Very flattering and yet daring cut is subtle sexy and chic. Pair them with jeans for casual look and with mid-length skirts for a more polished look.This is a must have summer essential.

They look amazing when paired with Choker. I love chokers and they are the perfect accessories for the shoulder baring tops.

Kendall Jenner seem to favor pairing the off- shoulder tops with chokers.


From Brigitte Bardot to Kendal Jenner the off shoulder trends is definitely loved by celebrities.

They are available is various fabric and fit. From body-con belly baring off the shoulders top to free flowing , semi structured Bardot tops. Not so sure about the trend go for the  free flowing top in soft fabric, not too clingy with minimal shoulders baring cut. They will be flattering on most body types.

In case you are really unsure about baring your shoulder, cover up with jackets or blazers that suits the occasion.

The off shoulder trend has been circulating for quite a long time, definitely a piece to add to my 5 piece french Wardrobe this season.



” Shop Less Think More “


After getting mixed reviews for the post All you need to Know about 5 piece french Wardrobe Part 1 , I decided to dig in some more.

Having a big walk in  wardrobe overflowing with clothes, shoes, bags, accessories was the standard of luxury. Soon it became the norm and the luxury of having a huge wardrobe is no more.Lot of successful people swears by uniform/signature style that involves wearing the same type of clothing item as much as possible hence creating a uniform and their signature style. 

Having a wardrobe full of quality item is the new luxury. 

1ca25506292043d523fbde3e7d35c1ecThe idea behind the “capsule wardrobe” or “5 piece french Wardrobe” or “the curated Wardrobe” is Less is more .

Around 2009 Sheena Matheiken of The Uniform Project challenged herself to wear the same little black dress for the entire length of the year for 365 days. She took care to make the outfits fashionable and different every day.That does seem a bit extreme to me, wearing the same dress for a year everyday, avant-garde when it comes to less is more tribe. Most people will balk at the notion of wearing the same outfit back to back for two days. While repeating the same outfit over a week is definitely not an offence.

Fast forward to 2011 Daniel Dykes editor of Fashionising stated that The Curated Wardrobe is the new Luxury  and a shift is in motion. The shift from wanting to own more and more towards the luxury of have fewer items of better quality.


With the rise of fast fashion and mass clothing production most people in developed nation have access to wide range of new trendy clothes each season. The curated wardrobe is definitely not some thing everyone can acquire quite as easily as it requires talent and patience. 

A smaller wardrobe is an ethical choice too. We all know gallons of water is required in the making of a pair of jeans and this greatly add to pollution.The new age millennials need to be conscious of the environment and become more mindful while being as fashionable as possible. 



Planing minimalist looks have never been Easire

Planing to give minimalism a try. You need to follow this simple rule to rock the minimalist look.
 To balance the look you will need a combination of 3 basic clothing piece and +1 trendy/ statement  accessory. For the 3 main pieces : Choose a top , a bottom , and a cover up, make sure they work well with each other and don’t clash. The three pieces need to balance each other and let the statement piece stand out.

For the +1  choose from a scarf ,  a statement necklace ,earring , cuffs or a simple choker.I have officially fallen in love with chokers .

 kendall jenner is rocking the minimalist look composed of 3 clothing pieces + 1 statement accessory ( chokers )

If you are not fond of accessories you can cut off the +1 statement accessory and let one of the basic 3 pieces standout. Shoes and bags or even statement sunglasses will do the trick. 



There is something about french style that say it is timeless, simple, effortless and chic. Laid back yet classic a contradiction in itself but we love it anyway. The 5 piece french  wardrobe is inspired by french style, and minimalism. 

Minimalism seem to a resounding theme of classic french style.I have always been a jeans and shirt kind of girl, which is a big reason why I am so naturally drawn to these looks.


The essentials for a french wardrobe include the basics : Jeans, ballet flats, a white shirt, a black blazer, a black bag and little or no make up.
For Parisians the style mantra is less is more.

The art of french style has minimal wardrobe requirement and it is budget friendly too. Invest in quality rather than quantity. 

From Coco channel, Jane birkin to Brigitte Bardot, these ladies have made the  most casual outfit looks timeless and effotless. 


All you need to know about 5 Piece French Wardrobe Part 1

If she can’t afford it, she won’t buy it. If it doesn’t fit (or make her feel good, or flaunt what she’s got), she won’t wear it. If she can’t find it, she won’t compromise. If she loves it, she won’t toss it. She reuses it, rethinks it, lets it age.

When a French girl shops, it isn’t a solitary act of buying something new. It’s part of a lifelong process of editing her environment, making small but meaningful additions to her home, her closet and her life.

– Entre Nous: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl


About The 5 Piece French Wardrobe 

It is a concept of capsule wardrobe where you own few articles of clothing , that fit your personal style and flatters you . In the last decade this new trend has stirred up quite a storm .

The concept of  “Capsule wardrobe”  emerged in the sixties and seventies , when  overseas travel became quite popular. This meant traveling with limited number of  garments and having less to choose from . Lot of people felt liberated while having to choose from limited number of garment . The fashion industry took notice of the particular phenomenon and the concept of  “Capsule Wardrobe” became trendy and fashion forward. .
Minimalism is not about having less , It is about making room for more of what matters  ….

How does The 5 piece French Wardrobe work ?

Every season you are allowed to buy 5 new items to you wardrobe. These can be any article of clothing except basic pieces including underwear and socks . The items you choose each season can be used to replace your old jeans that is falling out or add a new blazer to your collection .

As you have a limited 5 pieces to add every season make a wish list , evaluate you wardrobe requirements and come up with the list of 5 pieces you really need this season.De- clutter your wardrobe and  throw out the pieces that does not fit and things you haven’t worn in ages. You can sell them on eBay or swap with your friend .

The 5 piece french wardrobe philosophy is all about curating your wardrobe. Grow your wardrobe in an aesthetic manner with statement pieces and key staples that work well together .Focus on quality not quantity .

I am going to be more careful and selective with my purchases this year and apply The Five Piece French Wardrobe philosophy to my wardrobe.

Why you should give The 5 piece french Wardrobe  a try .

If you love the concept of minimalism The 5 piece french wardrobe is your thing .

  1. Well for once is will save you a lot of time in the morning . You won’t have to wade through tons of clothing every morning to find something that fits .
  2. A less cluttered and organised wardrobe.
  3. Easier to develop your signature style / personal style .
  4. Saves you money and time .
  5. You will love every piece you own .


What are your thought on The 5 piece Wardrobe ? ……..