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Every girl needs to have this item in their closet 

For the lazy girls out there the jumpsuit is the ultimate outfit. One outfit solution to all your problems : Monday morning blues, waking up late, no planned outfit, in the fashion rut, feeling supper lazyAll you need is the jumpsuit to jump-start your day and banish the problems.

Invented by Florentine Thayat in 1919, the first jumpsuit was a considered a liberating garment during the futuristic period. Thayat used cotton fabric or African canvas to cutout the shape of the garment and added few buttons and a belt. Thus the first jumpsuit was a creative do-it- yourself project by Thayat.

Fast forward to the twenty-first century the jumpsuit gain popularity with the likes of Stella McCartney, Agyness Deyn, Katie Holmes, Rihanna and several other fashionistas sporting this trend. Jumpsuits are made of cotton, denim, lace, silk, sheer fabrics now, along with embellishment and other detailing. In 2011 Jumpsuits dominated the runway and red carpet. Renowned designers houses like Saint laurent, Alexander Wang, Paul&Joe, Diane Von Frustenberg, Marc Jacobs and several other add their own creative twist to the jumpsuit.

When you are in a hurry and don’t know what to wear the jumpsuit is the safest bet and way better than jeans and t-shirt.Honestly, I love jeans and t-shirt combo but it doesn’t really pack a punch like a jumpsuit does.

Pulling off an head to toe  white look has never been easier. French style lovers this is something you can’t do without.

They make great party wear too.Get ready for Girl’s Night Out in short notice and look amazing.

They are so versatile. Myriads of prints to choose from so it never gets boring. For the prints lovers jumpsuits are available in floral print, animal print, stripped, polka dot, tribal print and etc.

Monochrome ones are most common and available in wide rage of colour from pastel to darker earth tones. Perfect day to-night transition outfit. Swap the accessories and get ready to party.

Laid back, casual and effort less looks in these bold colour are my favorite. Planing minimalist look have never been easier than opting for a jumpsuit.

Travel friendly outfit : dress it up or wear it casually. 

Minimalist fashion must-have suitable for almost all season. Add a trench, jacket or blazer to make it appropriate for cooler weather. 


Black is forever

My love for the color black is unsurpassed by any other colour. It is my go to colour. When in doubt go Black. Back to Black .People around me are forever asking me to wear other colors , anything other than black.

The importance of the colour black when it comes to fashion and my wardrobe is immense. 


You can’t go wrong with The Little Black Dress has been a wardrobe staple and rightfully so. They are versatile and flattering on almost everyone. Easy to accessories with statement neck pieces and colorful scarves.The uniform project involved wearing a LBD for 365 day consecutively but creatively while not repeating the same outfit. Black is one of the best colour for the monochrome look followed closely by white and blue.

Black and white  is another classic combination that is always trendy. The combination to these two neutral colour is striking and suitable for every occasion starting from formal to casual.  


Apart from that black looks good with a wide range of colors . From pastels to fluorescent and several bright tones can be easily balanced with the colour black. Needless to say   pencil skirt, blazer, jeans, shirt, t-shirt, tank and a pair of semi-formal pants all in the colour black is my wardrobe staple. 

Well , when it comes to accessories the belt, the bag and the shoe, black defiantly dominates the field. All these are must for formal wardrobe.


Leather jackets and blazers looks sharp and classy all the time and more so in the colour black. Edgy looks are best when done in black so does studs and chains. 

Black colour gives the best slimming effect too. 

For some people black is boring but for me black brings out the best in every colour and outfit. What is your go to colour?


Back to Black

Follow Olivia Palermo’s lead ………. Works perfectly with  omber  Mix different textures ……. Make your  accessories  stand out ………..

The leather Jacket balances out the long skirt ……….

Black colour of sophistication ……..

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High-Low Skirt Trend

The high low skirt happens to be a favorite ………. after all who doesn’t want best of both worlds.

Works great with booties……..

The gray skirt paired with a white sheer top and a neon bag looks great

For casual chick look pair it with jackets and don’t forget accessories.

Neck it

Definitely the high neck is back ….

Black and white

Two colours we can’t live without

Working now

 Lady like sophistication

Casual outfit

week days

Boho chic


Out in the cold

Model off duty

Out of town

Colours in every aspect of your life ….

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Over the edge

Over the edge    with ripped jacket and studs ….

Lady in Red

Perfect for making statement …… bold .. sexy

Go green


Way to go girl …..