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Athleisure Trend

Athleisure is fashion trend cherished by all the fitness junkies who loves wearing active-wear all the time. Athletic clothing are no more confined to gymnasium, they are our in the street and into the office. 

Athleisure is basically  casual clothing — like yoga pants, sweat pants, and hoodies — that are designed to be worn both for exercising and for doing almost everything else. 

Yoga pants are literally  every where, has been since a few years since the rise of fitness and health stars. Now the trend is officially here,a trend born out of necessity. 

The clothing cut and style is comfortable. The functional features built into the garments are going to save you day. The trend has an underlying effortless chic vibe that I adore. 

Why you should go for the Athleisure trend ?

Trendy active wear skillfully designed to pass as daily outfit is something every girl needs.

  • That definitely solves the problem of running errands, shopping, etc after your workout.  
  • It is comfortable. 
  • It will remind you of your health goals every time you put on active-wear whether you are headed for grocery shopping or a lunch date. 
  • Stylish workout clothes are Instagram goals.
  • The heat-retaining synthetic material is going to keep you warm through out the winter months.
  • Gym to office ! definitely worth dipping you toe into the movement. Give it a tentative try. Swap the pants or the shoes.




How do I wear Floral Pants ?

Retro-inspired and vibrant tropical patterns make floral prints a quintessential summer item.Floral print shoes, shorts, tees and handbags can add a burst of playfulness to any summer outfit, but floral print trousers are the ultimate showstopper.

Floral pants are romantic and feminine and so many celebrities are rocking this summer item. You inspiration is right here.

  • The first thing to consider while buying a pair is your body type. If you’re petite you’ll want to go with a smaller pattern which will not over-whelm your smaller frame.If you’re tall you can get away with a bolder, large-scale design. And definitely  pick a color combo that can easily blend into your current wardrobe and you are comfortable with as these floral pants quite a statement maker.
  •  Pair floral print with a matching solid colour of the same tone as the floral pant. And black almost always works.
  • If you think it is going to be cool out prepare with a solid- coloured sweater or jacket.
  • Go easy on the accessories as you want the floral pants to occupy the center stage…  and make it look effortless.
  • Floral pants draws attention to your lower-half …. so stay away from them if your lower-half is not your best asset …
  • Wear heel to lengthen your leg as they are the center of attraction.

  • Different body-types has different style challenges including finding clothing items that fit both waits and hips and these floral pants are major challenge.
  • Among the four basic boys types (Athletic ,Curvy , Apple ,Pear ) .Girls with athletic bodies could pull this trend effortlessly while drawing attention to there toned legs and could use belts to emphasize small waste.
  • Girls with curvy body could use belt at the waist to show off their figure.

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