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Party Bus: The Hottest Trend in Toronto

I live for the nights that I won’t remember and the people that I won’t forget

                                                                                                            –  Drake 

Looking for the ultimate transportation that merges seamlessly with your party idea? Then look no further than a party bus Toronto. Party buses are specially designed luxury vehicles with plush interiors and plenty of entertainment features that can comfortably carry up to 30 or 40 people on board. Party buses have become a new trend in transportation simply due to the convenience of riding in numbers and the fact that you can start off your party right on the bus.

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You can hire a party bus for special events and ceremonies such as concerts, wedding receptions, birthdays, anniversaries and prom among others. The party bus experience makes the whole ride to and from the event so much more fun. Some people will even hire a party bus and have the chauffeur drive around the city to particular joints but most of the partying will be on board anyway.

In order to keep things interesting and guests entertained, party buses have quite a number of luxury amenities such as:

  • Sound and lighting is a must have in party buses. A great sound system will keep the fun tunes blaring all through. You can even carry your own music collection and hook it up to the AUX connection. Some buses even have a DJ booth. Led lighting helps to create and keep the party atmosphere within the bus.
  • Plush interiors and dance floors are also a common feature in party buses. Leather seats and carpeted floors with plenty of legroom for a dance floor are definitely something to look forward to in a party bus.
  • You can also get to enjoy your favorite drink in a party bus with mini coolers/freezers to keep the drinks chilled. Not all party buses however allow drinking on board and you will need to ask about this when renting the vehicle. For those that do, some will even allow you to bring your own drinks.
  • If you are willing to go all out, you can get a licensed party bus with a host. The host is a great idea as they will keep the bus lively, serve up the drinks and keep the music going.
  • The best part about luxury party buses is the onboard toilet. With all that partying, you do not need to make a stop every time someone needs to use the toilet. You can keep the ride going for as long as you need.

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With the wide variety of transportation options in the market today, it is advisable to take your time finding out what the limo company has to offer and whether this fits within your desired budget. Travelling in a group makes the cost of the service a lot more affordable as you can split it among 30 or 40 people. Party buses are arguably the most affordable luxury transportation available today if you keep that in mind making it a very popular trend in Toronto.



Mango Summer 2012 Collection

Go casual-chic this summer with the mango summer collection of laid back yet stylish outfits. Grab the spot light without trying too hard.

Filled with lots of colours to choose form.

Sweater for those sudden chilly day you may have to face. I love the colourful striped tank down. Makes a smashing outfit when paired with a simple cutoff.

Make your summer extra bright with bold colour bags. Accessories can make or break a outfit be careful while choosing a thin belts, colorful handbags and bangles, vests or boots and sneakers to highlight your desired features.

Colourful cuffs makes bold evening accessory.

Classic LRD with striped texture is perfect blend of feminine vibes and fun sporty.

Lot of play with stripes is seen in the look book and it definitely helps you to accentuate you best asset.

Creative take on the classic LBD.

All the dress has a strong fresh vibe form floral print to LRD to striped ones.

For those who love pleated clothes –

For the cocktail parties you have to attended – a skater style dress is cool option.

Maxi-dress for hot lazy days.

The world has gone crazy about metallics and apparently you can too. Pair it with a sleeve-less t-shirt to get the casual but edgy-chic look.