Why you should consider switching to lemon water instead of coffee in the morning.

I am die hard coffee lover but after learning what coffee does to the body when ingested on empty stomach and experiencing the same I switched to  Lemon water. I  relied  on coffee to get me through the day during my college and first internship.

Instead of having proper diet which is hard to procure in college I was dependent on coffee. It lead to several health issues and coffee was the crux of it all.

What lemon water does to you body

It boosts you immune system, aids digestion, flush out toxins from your body by enhancing enzyme function & stimulating your liver, boosts your energy and helps you loose weight.

It helps you to loose weight and fight symptoms of common cold which is very beneficial to me as I am susceptible to cold. Loaded with health benefits  

I get my daily coffee fix after breakfast. Guess you don’t really forget your first love, even if it is toxic ! 

What coffee does to your body

Coffee contains caffeine the most commonly used psycho-stimulant available that blurs the line between drugs and beverages. Psychoactive drugs like caffeine alters the way our mind functions .

Coffee helps you to loose weight and boost your energy. Found in coffee tea , soda , chocolate energy drinks, prolonged daily use of caffeine might lead to dependency.

Stopping the use of caffeine abruptly or reducing intake may lead to onset of withdraw. Caffeine abuse survey revealed 14% used despite harm and advice to stop or reduce While 45% reported unsuccessful efforts to control caffeine usage .

In defense of coffee. It is simple awesome and not something most of us live without.Coffee is the reason  Why it is ok to be twenty-something and still not know what to do with your life.

People who know me know about my Obsessive Coffee Disorder.(OCD). But I have made the conscious decision to switch to lemon water in the morning. 


13 thoughts on “Why you should consider switching to lemon water instead of coffee in the morning.”

    1. Honey has it health benefit too …
      Hot lemon water + Honey in the morning is a great way to start your day.
      I can’t go without my daily coffee fix too.

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  1. For someone who can’t live without coffee like me, I always find excuses to choose coffee over healthy drinks. Though I’m aware of the effect. hahah. It’s like saying, “sorry, but not sorry”. LOL

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  2. I have never tried coffee or tea or hit chocolate…I was just never given them as a kid and never started drinking them. I’m pretty glad I didn’t water is good but a bit embarrassing when I’m with friends who want to go for coffee in a nice coffee shop and I sit there with my water. Thank goodness more coffee shops are selling pure juices now.

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    1. Honestly I am surprised to hear this. I haven’t meet anyone who does not drink either one. Indian can’t do without tea or coffee. Tea is taken twice daily at my home. A day without tea or coffee is unthinkable .

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      1. I’m English so tea is an essential part of life too but we just didn’t have it as kids and then we grew up and it just smells horrid and looks worse. My brother has tried iced tea and I’ve tried to taste coffee but I get it near my face and it just feels wrong drinking something hot. I’ve never had a hot drink ever which is even more bizarre.

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